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Jump to: navigation, search is the best opportunity for affiliates to promote a strong fresh webcam brand.

What Programs Are Offered? has two affiliates programs to make you money. The first is the Pay Per Lead program that pays up to $1 per referred user. The second is the Revshare Program that pays 20% on all referred token purchases.

Pay Per Lead Program (PPL)

Once you register a PPL affiliate account and login to the PPL affiliate area, you will be able to grab your unique linking codes to start referring users to to make money. The linking codes can be copied and pasted anywhere on the internet including social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), in emails to your friends, on your personal webpages, and other websites.

When someone surfing the internet clicks on your linking code and registers a CamFuze account, you are credited up to $1.

The amount paid per referred user is based on the geographic region where the user is located which we've assigned to Tiers.

One U.S. Dollar (US$1.00) is paid for referred users from a Tier 1 country, Ten U.S. Cents (US$0.10) for referred users from a Tier 2 country, and One U.S. Cent (US$0.01) for referred users from a Tier 3 country.

  • Tier 1: Netherlands Antilles Austria Australia Belgium Canada Switzerland Germany Denmark Finland Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Faroe Islands France United Kingdom Guernsey Gibraltar Greenland Ireland Iceland Jersey Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Netherlands Norway New Zealand Qatar Sweden Singapore San Marino United States Minor Outlying Islands United States United States Virgin Islands

  • Tier 2: United Arab Emirates Aruba Brunei Darussalam Brazil the Bahamas Cyprus Spain Equatorial Guinea Greece Hong Kong Israel Isle of Man Italy South Korea Kuwait Cayman Islands Macau Macao French Polynesia Puerto Rico Portugal Slovenia British Virgin Islands

  • Tier 3: Antigua and Barbuda Anguilla Barbados Bahrain Cook Islands Chile Czech Republic Estonia Guam Croatia Hungary Saint Kitts and Nevis Lebanon Lithuania Latvia Northern Mariana Islands Malta Mexico New Caledonia Oman Poland Russia Saudi Arabia Seychelles Slovakia Turkey Trinidad and Tobago Taiwan Uruguay Venezuela

Example of earnings using a Tier 1 country:

If you send 500 registered users from the United States you will earn:

$1 per referred user X 500 registered users = $500.00

The ratio of earnings per referred user is 1 for 1 when users are referred from Tier1 countries.

Credit for each referred user will appear in your stats report immediately after the referred user has completed their registration by clicking on the confirmation link that is sent to their email.

Benefits of PPL:

  • make money from free registerations instead of paid subscriptions
  • no need to worry about subscription cancellations affecting how much you make

If you would like to become an affiliate of the CamFuze PPL Program register your affiliate account here

Revshare Program

The Revshare Program pays affiliates 20% commission on all referred token purchases. Token purchases range from $20.99 all the way up to $159.99 and higher.

Benefits of Revshare:

  • tends to make more money over the long-term
  • there are no Tiers for geographic regions; all subscriptions are treated equally with 50% paid commission

If you would like to become an affiliate of the CamFuze Revshare Program register your affiliate account here

If you have any questions please Contact Support