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Jump to: navigation, search (colloquially known as Fuze) is a completely free webcam chat site that allows anyone over the age of 18 to instantly broadcast their live webcam to viewers across the world.

Today, is one of the fastest growing live webcam and chat communities on the internet.

Broadcasting My Webcam

Broadcasting is quick and easy!

Once you've logged into, you can turn on your own webcam at any time and share it with other members, absolutely free. Just click the Broadcast Yourself menu tab at the top of the website to launch your webcam.

If you experience any problems, please read our Technical Help page for troubleshooting information.

Account Types


Viewers who have not registered a free account on, or are not logged in are considered 'guests'. Guests can view webcams but are unable to use any of the features that are available to Basic members and Gold members, such as posting messages in the chatrooms.

Basic Member

Anyone who registers a free account on becomes a Basic Member. As a Basic Member, you have access to more features - you can view webcams, post messages in chatrooms, and broadcast your own webcam instantly.

To create a Basic Member account, click the Free Signup button, then choose a Username (your chat nickname) and password. Enter your email address in order to receive your confirmation link and account information. After completing your registration and confirming your email address, you are a Basic Member. A Basic membership is always completely free.

Gold Member

When you upgrade your Basic Member account to a Gold membership, you get unlimited access to ALL of the features of

As a Gold Member, you automatically receive 200 free tokens to your account ($20.99 value) which can be used to tip other broadcasters (also referred to as models). Additionally, once you login as a Gold member all those annoying banner advertisements are removed from all pages on the site!

Some of the benefits of Gold Membership include:

  • Viewing multiple chatrooms
  • Creating private rooms
  • Instant Messaging
  • Private Messaging
  • Priority listing of Username in chatrooms
  • Customize font and color of text/username in chat
  • Full screen view
  • View all profile photos and videos
  • Chat filters
  • Remove all banners and advertisements

Gold Memberships also support and allow for constant improvements. We greatly appreciate your patronage.

Tokens and Tips

Purchasing tokens is optional. Each token has a value equivalent to ten cents (US$0.10). Models make 50% commission from tips so each token has a value of 5 cents (US$0.05) to models. The remaining 50% goes towards paying the costs of operating (including webhosting, rewards, programmers, and administration).

Tipping is transferring some amount of tokens to a Model. Tipping is a voluntary gratuity and sincerely appreciated by Models.

Please don't make performance demands in exchange for tips. A tip is a gift that you have the option of sending at your sole discretion.

Some added benefits of tipping more than 20 tokens in a given day include:

  • Priority ranking in chatroom User List
  • Online rating of Model/Broadcaster

Click the Get Tokens link to see the various token packages available. There are discounts for larger token purchases.

Cash Prizes and Awards has two contest awards that are based on the popularity of a broadcast - (1) The Cam of the Hour (COTH) award and (2) The Cam of the Day award.

COTH Cash Award

Each hour awards the "Cam of the Hour" winner $10. The Cam of the Hour winner is chosen based on the webcam that gets the most points within the hour.

Points are awarded every 60 seconds, and you can earn between 1 - 10 points per minute based on the amount of registered viewers that watch your cam. More viewers equals more


  • The most viewed webcam earns 10 points per minute.
  • The 2nd most viewed webcam earns 9 points per minute.
  • The 3rd most viewed webcam earns 8 points per minute.
  • The 4th most viewed webcam earns 7 points per minute.
  • The 5th most viewed webcam earns 6 points per minute.
  • The 6th most viewed webcam earns 5 points per minute.
  • The 7th most viewed webcam earns 4 points per minute.
  • The 8th most viewed webcam earns 3 points per minute.
  • The 9th most viewed webcam earns 2 points per minute.
  • The 10th most viewed webcam earns 1 points per minute.

The maximum amount of points achievable in an hour is 600.

At the end of the hour, the broadcaster who has the most points wins $10 cash! All points are then reset and a new contest begins.

Please note that anonymous users who are viewing your webcam do not count towards top ten rankings, so encourage them to register a free account!

Cam of the Day

Each day a "Cam of the Day" winner is chosen based on the cam which attracts the most simultaneous viewers during the day. Your Cam of the Day award is shown on your profile.

Personal Menu Features

My Account

When you click the My Account tab you are presented with several submenu items that give you access to all of your personal features.

About Me

Upon registering an account on, the only information available to users viewing your profile is your nickname and gender. The About Me section allows you to enter additional information to your profile such as physical attributes, sexual orientation, and a biography.

Models have the added benefit of being able to customize the look of your biography by using HTML code to change the color, size, font, link to images and to your wishlist.

You can also upload photos and videos to your profile and customize your profile privacy settings. These settings give you control over which geographic regions that your profile can be seen in, whether you want previous broadcast images to show on your profile, whether you want to receive Follower notifications, and many other useful features.

Share and Earn

One of the benefits of registering a free account is that you can easily earn tokens by inviting people to using the linking codes located beneath all live broadcasts. Once you copy and paste these links into your social networks, blogs, webcam sites, or personal webpages, you earn tokens every time users click on your referral link and register free accounts.

The linking codes contain a unique ID so that you are credited for each referred user.

Your account is instantly credited 10 tokens per referred Female or Couple account, and 1 token per referred Male or Shemale account. You earn an bonus of 500 free tokens if the referred female broadcasts a show and earns 200 tokens (*Subsequent broadcasts do not earn cumulative tokens. Tokens for broadcasts are awarded only once.)


The real-time contest stats for the Cam of the Hour can be accessed from your own profile and all other profiles on the site so that you can view the contest rankings at any time.


When you click the Follow button on a Model's profile, you will receive an email notification whenever the Model that you're following has started broadcasting. To stop receiving email notifications, click the Unfollow button on the Model's profile or the unsubscribe link contained within the email notification.


The Messages tab is the internal email system. Using this system, members can send private messages to other members. The staff also posts site related news and updates to the internal email system.

Chatroom Features


All broadcasters have the ability to kick, ban, or mute users in their chatrooms. To do this, a broadcaster simply has to right-click on the Username of a user in the room. A drop-down menu appears with a variety of options including kicking, banning, or muting the user. A user that is kicked is instantly kicked out of the chatroom but may re-enter it after 1 minuteo of time has passed. Kicking is usually treated as a warning for bad behavior. A user that is blocked is banned from the broadcaster's chatroom indefinitely or until the broadcaster unblocks the user. A user that is muted remains in the chatroom but none of the user's posts chatroom are viewable to anyone else in the chatroom.

A broadcaster has sole discretion over who they kick, ban or mute, and only they or their Assigned Moderator can reverse the action in their chatroom. Please be respectful when you're in chatrooms so that you won't get banned or muted!

Broadcaster/Model Assigned Moderators

A model can assign moderator privileges to any user in their chatroom (this should be someone that the model trusts). An Assigned Moderator has the ability to ban, kick, and mute users on behalf of the model. To assign a moderator, a model has to click on the username of a user in the chatroom then select "Assign as moderator" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Privacy Settings

Models can control who can and cannot view their chatroom using the Privacy Settings. The privacy settings can be adjusted to provide access or deny access to certain geographic regions.

Cam-to-Cam (C2C)

Models viewing another chatroom can request to Cam-to-Cam with that Model by clicking their Username and selecting "Cam-to-Cam" from the drop-down menu that appears. This feature allows each model to view each others broadcast simultaneously.

An webcam icon appears beside the username of a member in a chatroom if that member is currently broadcasting their own webcam

Chatroom Status Message

A model can enter their "status" on their chatroom. For models seeking tokens, it's a good idea to input a status message requesting tips. The status message will automatically re-post every few minutes in the chatroom so that you do not have to manually repeat the request. The status message can be updated and changed at any time.


You may come across some of the following unique references while viewing


Fuze is a common short form reference to the website.


Anyone that broadcasts their webcam on


Anyone that broadcasts their webcam on; sometimes refers specifically to a broadcaster that accepts tokens.


Fuzer refers to models, viewers, and participants on For example, someone surfing the site can be called a Fuzer, or CamFuzer.


Models that broadcast their webcam and accept tokens are considered to be "Fuzed".


Models that broadcast their webcam without accepting tokens are considered to be "Exhibitionist".