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Rules for Everyone allows for a great deal of freedom and expression. We want members and models to have fun.

Moderating is done sparingly since we encourage viewers and broadcasters to use their own moderator tools, such as the Ignore or Mute features. No one has to interact with someone they don't like. Please be mindful that models and members are human beings, even if the only thing you know about them is their words typed in the chatroom. Being respectful of each other is the simplest and best policy.

All Members (broadcasters and viewers) may not:

  • Engage in illegal activity.
  • Record or distribute contents found on this website.
  • Create accounts for anyone else.
  • Use abusive, inflammatory, or racist language against models or other members.
  • Flood chat rooms.
  • Promote or spam other websites or services,
  • Post gateway links (i.e. linking to a page that promotes other websites).
  • Solicit models for commercial ventures.
  • Harass other members or models.
  • Post private or personal information of other members or models.
  • Impersonate CamFuze administrators, other members or models.
  • Make threats against other users.
  • Intentionally mislead models. (e.g. fake promises of tips)
  • Encourage models to break the rules.
  • Solicit external forms of payment such as Paypal. (i.e. please arrange all transaction using tokens.)

Blatant violations of the rules may result in a permanent ban without any warning.

Broadcasting Rules

Broadcasters/models may not permit the following:

  • Minors, children, babies on camera or in the same room.
  • Unauthorized persons (persons for whom we do not have proper name and ID on file.)
  • Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.
  • Sleeping, "passing out".
  • Rape
  • Violence
  • Solicit prostitution or escort services.
  • Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.
  • Place watermarks on the broadcast video (it's intrusive)